Black Bird, a Kanga, embodies a literal journey into the world of the Guinea fowl, inspired by a traditional folktale from the 1930s. The narrative, deeply rooted in Kamba folklore, unravels the curious tale of why the chicken became domesticated while the Guinea fowl did not. It recounts how the once-close friendship between the two birds soured when the chicken deceived the Guinea fowl, concealing the advantages of domestication.

I found myself curious about the possibility of weaving stories into my creations, beginning with an exploration focused on the Guinea fowl in this case. ‘Black Bird, a Kanga’ emerges as a testament to this exploration, characterized by soft structures crafted from locally sourced handwoven cotton and wool. Each piece encapsulates layers of texture and collaborative creativity, reflecting a narrative woven into fabric.

Continuing our journey, this collection remains committed to exploring androgynous cuts, minimalist elegance, and a blend of boyish yet feminine silhouettes. Designed to flatter diverse forms, both male and female, ‘Black Bird, a Kanga’ invites wearers to embrace the essence of storytelling through fashion.

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