Cotton that enriches workers livelihoods

It all started with the need to investigate. Investigating the core of how people see each other and themselves within history and culture, and how these perceptions look in the modern day.

Our cotton is  made in Africa and is produced by smallholder farmers in Sub-Saharan Africa in accordance with CmiA standard criteria. Specifically, this means that the cotton is grown under rain-fed conditions, cultivated using pesticides and fertilisers in an effective and responsible way, and harvested by hand. 

Training programmes are provided for smallholder farmers such as on the use of modern, efficient growing methods that minimise the use of pesticides, helping them to increase their yields and the quality of the fibres. We use sustainable cotton to create products in a way that enriches the environment and improves conditions for farmers. 


Collaborating with and highlighting the individuals behind the craft of making our pieces serves as a reminder of the value of clothing. Each part and every person plays an integral role in our work.

Every collection starts with that curiosity, and then comes the process which is just as important as the clothes in their final form. By working with a skilled community of markers, each collection breathes new life into traditional craftsmanship by humanising the voices behind the craft.

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